A lighting scheme at a home reflects the mood of its inmates. It can make your home cheery or dark. It has a major effect on the atmosphere of home whether you believe it or not. You can give your home a great touch by a right lighting scheme.

Here are some basics to start with – 

Ceiling Mount Lighting

This is a great option of installing it in the areas like halfway, bedroom and at the stairs. It can also be placed in the entry area to welcome the guests. Also, it’s advised that use flush mount for lower ceiling and semi flush mount for the high ceilings


It can be installed in bedroom, dining area and entertainment room. It’s available with the mark of energy star. Setting it with dim light can ease your mood. As with variety of designs, these are capable of seeking attention and adding a spark to the environment.

Wall Mount Lighting

Putting it on the passageways, it can transform them into cozy areas. It brings a touch of accent into the atmosphere of the place. It looks like the sconces by matching well with the chandelier or pendant.

Pendant Lighting

It can avoid glare with its variety of shades. You can make it suitable with the occasion by setting its light on dim or bright.  Being equipped with globes, it‘s capable of working as a general lighting too. 

Recessed Ceiling Lighting

You can bring out a feel of obtrusive rather merely decorative with the appealing effect of it. This provides accent lighting for the big and wide spaces.

Track Lighting

It opens an option of configuring a custom lighting, depends upon your mood. By the proper installment of it at some suitable location, it may highlight your artwork. You can also use it to illuminate your living room with the track light. 

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A better lighting has a great impact on producing a pleasant atmosphere in your home. Install it with the perfect mix and match with your interiors and wall paintings, can set a beautiful atmosphere in your home.

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